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Trending Must-Haves for Your 2021 Kitchen

Welcome to Week 2 of The Kitchen Remodel Blog Series!

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This week we are talking about Trending must-haves for your 2021 Kitchen Remodel. We share all the details on what to look for and what to steer clear from.. Let's get started! I'll also be sharing local retailers who really know their stuff to help you make the best purchase.

Katie Getman Design, Axiom Builders (photo and build)


Tech in appliances, with special attention to organization tools through out the kitchen were top requirements in new kitchens towards the end of last year. Smart Fridges, appliances that take on many actions in 1 (to save counter space), and cabinets with organizers for cookie sheets, spices, pull out recycling and moveable/swing doors are at the top of this list! This is 2021 and everything should be customizable, moveable, and...maybe even talk to you.


You cannot deny the champagne bronze that is rising up everywhere and stealing the hearts of many! Second in line would be a matte black look. We Americans like our traditional side of things, so the trends in style go from more traditional curves/lines (in regards to handles and knobs) to modern and sleek handles that hardly draw attention.

For shopping locally, we recommend Ferguson or Spokane Hardware Supply! Take a look below to see popular styles, click the image to shop each piece:

Cabinets: Paint those cabinets? Choose a wood tone? What about style? What about a bold pop of color on the island?

In the most recent Houzz Kitchen Trends Study (based off 2020 insight), white kitchens stole the lead when compared to other colors and wood type. Particularly a mix of white with a medium tone wood feature (like on an island) seemed to grab the attention of many. With that being said, a very popular idea was to do an accent on the island in either a fun color or wood tone (making the island a feature point) and add depth to the kitchen palette this way. I would love to know if you've done this or are looking to do this in your home? This can add a lot of character to an otherwise understated and clean-looking kitchen.

Cabinets in shaker style and transitional (contemporary, but traditional features) were the most popular. (Source:

Source: Case Design/ Remodeling via Houzz

Lighting Trends

Pendants over your island or peninsula are a must have. Some are moving towards one large iconic piece for their island: either way, the island should be a statement to draw attention.

Here are some popular and/or on the rise trends in lighting, click the image to shop each piece:

Under Cabinet Lighting

Yes, under cabinet lighting is very popular. LED lights are at the top of the most desired list, with options such as having a timer for customizable on and off times, color changing options (for that rave you've always wanted to have in the kitchen!), and the most desired: to be completely wired in, without having to take up an outlet. Have you done LED under cabinet lighting and want to share? Drop a comment with us here on the blog. We'd love to hear your story!

Open Shelving and Open Concept

People are looking for extra storage options, with that in mind, open shelving is really for those who have room and storage area to spare. If you are having a hard time deciding on what is best for you and your family, we can help! Feel free to send us an email and schedule a 1 hr consultation for advice.

Furthermore, for everyone who ever said, "we will take a wall out!"...this one is for you: we are starting to see a trend back towards separated kitchens from living spaces (so no one has to smell the garlic, fish, or broccoli on the stove), and you can hide the cooking mess while still hosting. Personally, I think this helps us be more present with those we have over, or are cooking for. We will bring the food to the table and spend time engaged in company vs. handling all the tasks of cooking/meal prep while entertaining. This is something good out of 2020! A real trend toward intentional relationships.

We hope this week was helpful for you!

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Next week we will be talking about HOW to pick that new countertop, new backsplash, cabinet, etc and some of our favorite local retails to-date!

If you're feeling stuck on your project, don't forget to reach out. We are here to help!


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