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A Client's Story & Design In A Day!

We understand making design decisions can be overwhelming to execute- and sometimes take way too long. For one of our clients- the answer was assisting in finding her design type, and then us transforming her space- in a single day.

The Design in a Day service is tailored to give our clients an immersive and almost instant turnaround, just like those featured on HGTV. While meticulously planning every detail over the course of a couple of months, ensuring that the final result is nothing short of perfection, our clients go on vacation for a 24 hr period- and come home to a brand new space! The impact is amazing!

Design in a Day Room Transformation

This is the story of one of our clients, a devoted wife and mom to two teenage boys, was longing for a living space that truly reflected her personality and provided an environment where she could host family events, have meaningful time with her boys, and especially some much needed friend time- in a cozy, clean, and updated space.

This mom was budget-conscious and wanted to ensure that her home transformation remained affordable.

Here are her before pictures:

During the planning phase, we collaborated closely with the client, offering guidance and support as she navigated through various design choices. It was important for us to help her prioritize her own preferences, as she often struggled to select items exclusively for herself. To start, we presented her with several floorplan options, allowing her to choose the layout that resonated with her priority of family time, flow, and function of the space. She envisioned family time here, having friends over, and even playing the piano for family- which she hadn't done in too long. Hearing our client's concerns, and working through floor planning was crucial in ensuring that the transformation aligned with her needs.


With the floor plan finalized, we moved on to the exciting "shopping" day, where we delved into finishes, colors, furniture, textures, and all the finer details that would bring her dreams to life.

By exploring her likes and dislikes in a fun and low-pressure way, we gained valuable insight into her personal style- which she wasn't even aware of herself! Armed with this knowledge, we incorporated her chosen colors into the floorplans and created stunning 3D renders that showcased the selected furniture and other elements. Our client was able to visualize her transformed space before a single item had been purchased or installed.

Her Colorized 3D Renders:

One significant challenge we addressed was an off-center large living room window that disrupted the room's balance. While the client couldn't put her finger on why the room felt "off" we were able to help identify the issue and provide solutions- like a single drapery panel that made the window appear longer than it actually was- therefore balancing the room- and achieving a more centered and calming feeling in the space.

Once we received approval for purchasing, our design team began ordering all the necessary items and coordinating deliveries. When everything arrived, we planned a fun-filled day for the family. They left the home and our expert team began installing furniture, décor, and accessories all based off our design plan approved by the client.

Our Work Team Transforming the House in a Day

When the moment finally arrived, the client and her family stepped through the door to witness a brand-new sight! Their home had been completely transformed into a dream space that reflected their personalities and provided an environment in which they could flourish. The "wow" factor was undeniable, and the joy and excitement on their faces were priceless!

After Pictures:


If you're yearning for a home makeover that captures the magic of an HGTV show, our Design in a Day service might be the answer you've been searching for. Reach out to us today to see if we can bring that same sense of wonder and delight to your own home! We are the intersection of beauty and practicality, and we love happy homes!


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