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Join Our Kitchen Design Course 

Design Help for the Savvy Homeowner

Brought to you by Katie Getman Design 

Katie Getman

Award Winning Interior Designer, & Course Instructor

Katie dove head first into interior design in 2017, when she realized the impact design can have on a person's emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well being. Environments that combine beauty and practicality are her passion, driving her toward fresh design styles and unique spaces created for each client. Katie believes education is a way to help clients and friends update their homes without breaking the bank.

We know how hard choosing finishes for your kitchen can be whether it is a new build, or a remodel.... How can you know all the things, not overspend, choose a look that you love- but will also last through trends, have trusted contractors and subs? Where do you begin?

Begin with our Kitchen Design Course!


Kitchen Design Course

Includes 7 Class Modules, Downloadable Worksheets, Access to our Exclusive Designer Store, Member Exclusive Design Pricing, and a Personal Design Questionnaire & Style Quiz. 

Working with Coffee

Module 1 - Introduction

Gathering Inspiration, Defining Your Budget, Locating Supply Stores

Pacheco Perferred with Rec Room 2 2-Kitchen-20220923-141447 - Copy.jpg

Module 2 - Flooring

Types to Consider, Choosing Colors, Estimating Square Footage


Module 3 - Cabinets

Types to Consider, Budget friendly Updates, & Tips to Stay on Budget

Minimalistic Kitchen

Module 4 -

Types to Consider, Budget Friendly Options, Choosing Countertop and Backsplash


Module 5 -
Tile & Tile Trim

Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, Grout Selection, Tile Trim Types

Painting Wall

Module 6 -

Module 7 - Contractor/Subs

Types to Consider, Choosing Colors, Color Matching. & Ordering Samples

Gathering Bids, Managing Expectations, Communications, and Preferred Order of  Install 

Kitchen Course

Sign up for the Full Course for $787.50

or Individual Modules for $125 Each

Full Course: Purchase 7 Class Modules, Downloadable Worksheets,  Access to our Designer Selections, Exclusive Design Pricing on Future Services, and a Personal Design Questionnaire! & Style Quiz. 

  • Full Kitchen Course

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