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Tips to Decorate Your Home for Spring

As spring approaches, we can't wait to see the flowers blooming in the gardens and bask in the warm sunshine that will wash away all those winter blues! Throughout history, springtime has been a time of renewal, so we decorate for the season accordingly. Warm colors make the house feel cozy in the winter, but it's time to switch them out for pastels or bright colors! The addition of bright colors can easily be incorporated into your rooms with new rugs and throw pillows.

Put out Flowers

Adding a bouquet of fresh or fake flowers is one of the simplest ways to decorate for spring! Take advantage of all the fresh flowers at your local grocery store, as they are available in all kinds of colors and sizes. Every room in your home can benefit from a fresh bouquet of flowers, whether they're used as centerpieces, nightstand vases, wreaths, or garlands. To have a similar feel, you can even add decorations or art with floral prints.

Decorate with Light Fabrics

The time has come to pack away your heavier throws and thick knit blankets and replace them with light fabrics, both in color and material! Add some bright colors to the throw pillows as a replacement for faux fur or Christmas colors (or pale pastels for a more neutral tone). Curtains that are heavier should be replaced with sheer ones so that light and breeze can be allowed in.

Add Lots of Green

It can be hard to go overboard with green in the spring, as long as the green colors don't clash! There are many ways to incorporate green into your décor, including rugs, curtains, throw pillows, throw blankets, pieces of art, and of course, plants. In addition to flowers, green leafy plants are a great way to liven up your home for spring and give it that fresh feel (just remember to keep watering your plants, because dead plants won't liven up the house).

Spring Pastel Placement

You can also decorate your house with pastels to give your house the spring atmosphere in a more neutral style! You can add pastel hues to your curtains, and throw pillows, rugs, and sheets for a fun feel to welcome in spring.

To inspire your spring home decor, here are a few spring accent pieces we picked out!

Spring is the perfect time for all sage lovers! There is no such thing as too much sage in the spring. Here is an example of a beautiful way to incorporate sage into your home.

When Should I Switch to Spring Décor?

Changing over from winter decorations to spring decorations is a great idea any time in March. Spring officially began on March 20!

What are the "Spring Decorating" rules?

Bright colors, greenery, plants, and flowers are essential for spring! Now is the time to put away all the heavy knits and darker colors and bring out all the bright decorations!


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