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Kitchen Remodel Series- How To Begin And Budget Questions Answered

Here it is! Week One of our Kitchen Remodel Series! Check out our online course here:


When considering a kitchen remodel- you (as the homeowner) have a lot to take into consideration. You might have old cabinets, a weird floor plan that limits your work flow, limited space, or maybe it is just outdated tile. Where to begin and what information should you take into consideration before completely demoing your kitchen and losing your mind? Let's take a deep breath and move one step at a time.

Step One: The Budget

No one likes this word. No one likes the emotions it brings up-but you have to be honest with yourself about the amount of time, knowledge, work, financial resources, etc that you have to put towards a brand new kitchen. If you are not realistic, you could be putting yourself in serious hot water, literally.

So, start with your budget, how much can you put towards new features in your kitchen? This will determine a lot in the decisions you make moving forward. For example, what can be DIY? Are new cabinets part of the deal? Do you plan to stay in your house for a long period of time? This may warrant splurging a bit on certain items to keep you happy and comfortable for a longer period of time.

Before you even begin picking items out, be sure to set about 20% aside for unknowns you may encounter (like a leak behind the fridge from your water line), or items like taxes, shipping, (or, let's be real- a splurge on the tile you really love) that you may not have expected.

Decide what you have to spend, and then stick to it!

Step Two: Determine the Priorities and Get Multiple Quotes

Many people have to do renovations based out of need, and that is not always a fun adventure. However, we al know it is more important to take care of your needs first, and then find ways to add fun items afterwards. There are many ways you can add color, pattern, etc for low costs after-the-fact.

Is one of your appliances running down on you? Do you have extremely outdated countertops or an area that needs major repair? Start with a list of what needs to be done and be sure to get multiple quotes. Many stores are offering online quotes or estimates due to COVID.

Here are estimates on what a certain aspects of your kitchen renovation or remodel can cost in and around Spokane, WA : *This does depend on the size and age of your kitchen


  • Repainting Yourself: $500 and Up

  • Professional Painting: $2,500 and Up

  • Entirely New: $6,000 and Up


  • Microwave: $300 and Up

  • Dishwasher: $1,200 and Up

  • Stove: $1,200 and Up

  • Fridge- $2,000 and Up

  • Entirely New Appliance Sets: Base Price of Around $5,000

Countertops (New, not considering DIY) and Backsplash:

  • Demo $1,000 and Up

  • Template, Install and Fabrication: $2,500 and Up (average price would be about $40/sf for just labor- no materials)

  • New Sink and Faucet $500 and Up

  • Countertop Material- $3,000 and Up (average price is about $30/sf)

  • Backsplash Material and Labor- $2,000 and Up (this can vary greatly, be sure to stay tuned in the kitchen remodel series for our post on backsplashes!)


  • Pendants $100 each and Up (you'll want to consider the scale of your pendants in relation to your counter size- a great time to hire a designer!)

  • Overhead and/or Recessed $1,000 for DIY and Up (I'd consider hiring a professional contractor and electrician, which could significantly increase the cost.)

* This list does not cover painting your kitchen walls, or window treatments.

Selections: Katie Getman Design and Homeowner; Photo & Builder: Axiom Homes, North Idaho Builder

Step Three: Weigh the Costs, Create a Spreadsheet, and Stick To It!

Once you've gotten multiple bids and shopped around a bit, you'll have to decide what projects you'll be tackling yourself to save money, which you'll be able to hire out to do, and which projects are not worth the extra cost.

When you have decided, create a spreadsheet that will help you keep track of your expenses and try to stick to it as much as possible. Shop around to try and find the look you want without breaking the bank!

If it at all gets too exhausting, remember to think of the professionals who are prepared to walk you through these decisions. Consider hiring an interior designer or a specialized contractor to help you meet your needs. Remember, we have more tips coming to you next week. Don't miss a beat: subscribe to our blog for our kitchen remodel series!

Katie Getman Design has years of experience in kitchen designing, working with contractors, and choosing quality finishes that will improve the value of your home. Drop a line through the message box below to see how we can best help!

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Stay tuned for next week's post on Kitchen Trends 2021!


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