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Inspirational Black and White Interiors, From the Pinterest Board

I'm completely obsessing over all things black & white. You too? Here are a few tips to get the clean and contrasting pair to fit into whatever style you are (modern, boho, farmhouse)...

I love this modern space. Clean lines lend stability, and a long window lets the outdoors in for cleansing and refreshment. This is a great reminder to live life simply and enjoy it.

Let's salute the Black, White and Bronze Wave that is about to hit us by storm. It's classy, glammy, and cannot be ignored. You may not like bronze, but, something about it says,

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Get busy with it...

Black and White does not have to be so clean and crisp. Add more pattern and lines (like the busy chair base in combination with the off-set linear rug) to keep your eyes moving.

Modern Farmhouse style screams elegance when dressed in black and white.

Notice the ship-lap for texture, the white farm-sink & shaker cabinets for the favorite-farmhouse look, and a finish of bold black hardware, and a black patterned rug to bring focus..

This is someone's beautifully-bold Dutch home.

I love the black window frames giving a punch of character, especially in contrast to the white trim. I'm seeing more and more exteriors painted this way, and it's ridiculously dreamy! Where do I sign up?!

A matte-black, over-sized hexagon comes forward for a visually bold kick in this modern bathroom. Natural light, white subways, and glass create the open feel, and they gladly let black take center-stage.

Boho goes black and white- and I'm going with it.

Notice the mix of fabrics and patterns- hello, cozy texture!

Clean lines of metal and glass keep the space organized and airy.

For more black and white inspiration, follow my pinterest board: here.

XO, Katie

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