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My Target Shopping Cart: Full of Magnolia's Hearth & Hand

Have you checked out the Hearth & Hand line, gifted to us by Magnolia and found only at Target? I mean- HOW COULD IT GET BETTER? Now we don't have to live in Texas or constantly stream HGTV's Fixer Upper to get all the Chip and Joanna we want. But we can still do those things. We can just get even more by stepping into Target.

For some Monday Inspiration, here are my top picks and what's waiting in my Shopping Cart...

~ Hellllo to these glass jars- which are inviting, captivating and down-right beautiful. Prices vary.

Loving the simplicity on this "X" pattern pillow.

Clean, updated, fun. $24.99

There is something to be said about the Master Craft of Mixing Textures. Joanna has nailed it and this woven blanket provides texture without being overwhelming. It's warm- and that's exactly what it should be. $29.99

Give me everything plaid this season and I will be rockin' and rollin'. Thank you, Joanna...We'll take all we can get! $24.99

I'm was looking for new napkin rings- until I found this. I love the simplicity and that each guest gets a reminder- that we are welcome to come and gather. This is on purpose; meeting to share ourselves and love one another. $2.99 each

Are we bringing galvanized metal to the table? Something about this setting is classic/traditional, but turned into something unexpected and fresh. Mixing the pieces in contrast to the black silverware is an artistic flare; together these items are give a "free" and fun feeling at the formal dinner table. Perfect for family gatherings! Prices vary.

Clean lines expressing the symbol of home. This piece is completely modern and can speak volumes to us if we let it. Why don't we put a candle inside and warm it up, shall we? $19.99

I tried to keep the list short, but it was hard. I do love each of the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia pieces from Target. My advice would be to browse online... your local Target may not carry the napkin holders your looking for (lesson learned!)... but let each item speak to you and you never know how much of Texas you'll be fitting in your home!

Thanks for reading & Happy Inspiration Monday, Xo,


Note: I specifically did not make this post about Hearth and Hand Christmas Decor- if you're sad I left that off the list here is the link for all things Hearth & Hand & Christmas (possibly one of the best combo's ever).

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