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Virtual Design pairs with Local Spokane Retailers for Comfortable South Hill Living

A sweet South Hill family adds a new build to their lot, with stylized help from Spokane local businesses.

Kathy Ott reached out to me in January looking to create a home cohesive to her lifestyle and design aesthetic. She selected Katie Getman Design's Virtual Design service, which allows for the client and designer to go through a questionnaire about use of space and style, incorporate inspiration photos, and then develop a concept and a shopping list for the client. The shopping list even provides a guideline for what the client should spend per item, this allows the client to purchase directly from the concept board, at the client's own time and preference.

Kathy made a priority to shop in person at local shops, so she took our design concept, and found pieces locally to match the aesthetic.* We've asked Kathy a bit more about her choices in local retailers and her thoughts on a design service like the one she used with us, Katie Getman Design.

Q: Building a new home is stressful even if everything goes just as planned! Tell us about the process working with Katie Getman Design and what parts, if any, you enjoyed. Did working with a designer help when you had so much going on with a new build?

Kathy: Katie Getman was so great to work with. She brought vision and beauty to each space with her shoppable boards. She gave direction and ideas on furniture layout. She spoke to our contractor to help with time frame. She was able to find furniture and light fixtures that were in stock and not backorder 6 months. That was important to us especially for light fixtures, we wanted them right on schedule so the electrician could hang them. It was a huge relief having Katie available when unexpected things happened. We didn't like the flooring we picked out prior to hiring Katie, we sent her samples and she helped us make a decision. She was always available! Her shoppable board was beautiful! We are still hoping to order a few large pieces later on down the road. The light fixtures on our boards were a priority to order first and they were perfect for what we were looking for. I LOVE shoppable boards.

Here is Kathy's Living Room Concept Board, delivered by Katie Getman Design:

Click to Shop The Look:

Katie helped with lighting for the kitchen and dining area, as well as gave suggestions for dining furniture. The process is so easy. Here is a bit about how it works:

Before: We had floor plans from the builder, did a site visit to measure, and had a big empty space (which is not required for even re-styling with existing furniture! Many designers will work with your existing pieces to re-create a space).

From the questionnaire, we took her inspiration photos and developed multiple concept boards, based on Kathy's budget and ideal timeline. This helped provide guidance for Kathy as she was considering which items would be the best fit in her home.

Below you will see the design board for the kitchen and for the dining room. Katie Getman Design gave Kathy two options to choose from to help Kathy decide how much modern, and how much farmhouse style she preferred:

Modern, Earthy, Scandinavian: Modern Farmhouse:

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Q: Do you think the overall look you were hoping for was achieved?

Kathy: My overall look was achieved. But still want to add a few things from [suggested items] once we save up!

I wanted a space that could seat a large group for hosting family and friends. Needed to maximize the space we had since our home isn't huge. I wanted a neutral warm colors. Modern look with farmhouse touches.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about your new space?

Having a finished space has been a joy with making memories. We hosted Easter with plenty of room and my daughter had a big birthday bash. We can't wait to make even more memories with family and friends.

Q: When you were shopping for furniture for your space, which retailers did you visit in Spokane? Please tell us which ones you preferred and why.

Kathy: "I visited Bide and Burgeon, Dania, Rebel Junk, Savvy Home, Macy's, Pottery Barn, Target, and Home Goods.

Loved Bide and Burgeon. There was a wide range of pieces to select from, Haley was so patient and helpful talking through different pieces with my husband and I. They also had great prices. Warranty is a win win. For $200 we received a 5 year warranty. If we don't need to use the warranty then it turns into a gift card to be used at their store!

Also included was a floor plan, and a shopping list according to her budget.

Floor Plan Shopping List according to Budget

Kathy was able to use an existing dining table for now, and may upgrade when she finds the right piece. So far, she is happy with her updated, contemporary home.

Want a Room Refresh, a Shoppable Concept board for yourself, or other design help? Check out our services page, and be sure to sign up to be on Katie Getman Design's email list for a monthly blog!

*Honorable Mentions: Kathy did work with a variety of design professionals to achieve her final look.