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Simple and Elegant Valentine's Day Decorations

Want to spruce up your home for Valentine's day? Wintertime can feel cozy, but it can also start to feel dark and gloomy after a while. Switching up some of your house décor can help fight those winter blues! We have a few ways you can decorate your home for Valentine's day with a few simple items and not even have to put it all away afterward the holiday is over.

Starting with some light pinks, creams, and beiges will give the room an overall ambiance of warmth and love. Walking into a room with these colors will instantly put you in the valentine's day mood. You only need to add that slight hint of Valentine's color, without needing to plaster hearts all over your home. You don't have to repaint your walls or break the bank, but instead grab some subtle paintings, centerpieces, or even a rug, and you can change the whole look of a room!

Some throw pillows or a change in furniture can also really produce that elegant feel. Adding a mirror, a few candles, or the right books can add that special Valentine's touch!

Don't worry about decorating too early or leaving it up too long. If you’re going to put in the work to decorate, you can absolutely enjoy it for more than just one day. Decorate early and spread the Valentine's Day love for the entire month of February!

If you decorate for the holidays, be sure to tag us in your social media posts, we would love to see it!

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