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Kitchen Remodel Series

Kitchens are a hot topic these days, as they can increase (or decrease!) the resale value of your home significantly (these are often top priority on a buyer's wish list!). Not to mention, a huge priority when it comes to quality family time. It is where we gather, where we linger... and share so much of our daily lives in the kitchen.

Katie Getman Design will be starting a new blog series on Kitchen Remodels where I'll be trying to level the playing field for you by giving you a ton of information on the in's and out's of remodeling your kitchen. We'll be covering topics such as Where Do I Even Start (cause- I get it!), How to Create Your Budget (yes, I just said that big-huge-terrible-no-good word), advice on When To Hire a Contractor for you Kitchen Remodel, Styles of Kitchen Cabinets, Choosing Your Countertops (quartz, granite, marble?) , Coordinating Your Backsplash.. and so much more!

The Kitchen Remodel Series starts in February so make sure you are subscribed to get this info sent directly to you!

We also released a Kitchen Design Course for the Savvy Homeowner! Check it out here:

Look forward to see you there with us!



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