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Finished Project- L'arbre Bleu

I pray Spring is meeting you with cheerful greetings despite the unusually windy weather we've been having.

It is my pleasure to share with you a recently completed project entitled "L'arbre Bleu." This project was named after a Parisian Mural- A Blue Tree- which invites us to look for nature even in the concrete of the city, and has inspired many poems and literary pieces.

This project started as a paint consult, which turned into drapery (the curtains inspired the project title), and then into a kitchen remodel! It was a joy working with my client, who loves the sea. She recently purchased this home and couldn't wait to make it "hers." What blessings we find in a home that brings us comfort.

I hope you enjoy your weekend- and this project. Cheers & Dreams of Sunshine,


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