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3 Tips to Encourage a Mentally Healthy Environment

At this time, it is especially critical to keep in the right frame of mind, So, I thought I'd use my knowledge to reach out to others in a helpful way. Here are 3 simple things you can do to your interior to feel refreshed now.

Add Something Natural

Find a plant, a fountain, a window...and keep it close by. Biophilic properties have proven to reduce stress and increase our sense of “presence.” By connecting with nature, we are taking a moment to bring ourselves to mind and find rest.

Focus on Color

Color has a major impact on our psyche. Find one or two things, maybe you already have them, in the colors listed below to improve mood and health. The overall recommendation is to stay away from overly warm colors (red, orange) as they have been known to cause more anxiety driven emotions.

Yellow is an extremely positive color that makes everyone happy. If you need happiness, I’d find some inspirational photos that include yellow, or try hanging artwork in a muted and calmed yellow. Try to stay away from anything too bright, as bright colors can overwhelm our senses. I found this Honey Spun, muted yellow at Lowes .

If you are needing more restful colors, for deep emotion processing and calm, move toward deep blues and greens. These remind us of nature, and scientific research actually shows dark blue can reduce our blood pressure.

Minimize Clutter.

If you have a lot of paperwork, books, clothes or other objects out, do your best to put them away. Seeing clutter can be difficult as our minds are doing the best they can to make sense of our current environment, global changes, work schedules. Clutter can make it hard for us to mentally climb out of a downhill trajectory. Be kind to yourself and clear some space to induce a restful mindset.

We can make it through this difficult time by embracing each other and reaching out with the gifts we have. Here is to May and an small end to social distancing!

If you are really struggling, please reach out for help and know you are not alone. You can reach out to me directly through this site, or find a friend. There are a lot of online counseling sessions available through Talk Space and other online sites.

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