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Make A Wish Makeover

Accessories and Textiles
Our goal was to make this room an experience for him! With lots of sights, sounds, and textures. I would like to add the rock speaker from Mom's Amazon List- which plays nature sounds- and dangling color changing lights in the teepee.

Plush Campfire.JPG

The idea of a Mural that is practically life-like really spoke to Erin and I. I would love to be sure the mural looks as real as possible.
To this, we've added fake grass, blue felt, "fluffy clouds". I know Jackson cannot necessarily feel these things by himself- but these are all sensory-worthy items to help him engage in his surroundings.

Murals on Left wall.JPG

A fun idea to mark the National Parks that they have been to would be a Pin Board similar to this, and a collection of flags from each Park! Again, a life-like mural with deep, rich, natural tones would be amazing and so calming. This is the wall with the window.

window wall.JPG
Decal Wall.JPG

We love these prints- and I saw they were also on Mom's Wish List! How fun for above Jackson's bed on the right wall as you walk in. Adding fun lights to this area might also be a good idea.

The OT emphasized the use of lights to engage Jackson. Here are some examples of items we loved, and I think we should use all of them!

Here are some fun accessories and sensory items we thought could be included in Jackson's room.


Option 1


When you walk into the room, it will feel a bit more open, as the bed- the largest item in the room- is on the side of the room. 

When mom walks by she can see Jackson in his play area. Floor plan is a bit more fluid and allows for moving items around a bit more.

The round colorful object is an example of the SWING- I think shelving above this could be done appropriately, but it might get in the way of the function of the swing. I've listed two floor plan options- the shelving could go above the bed- and leave the swing bare, or at least minimize the shelving on that wall. 

The "basket" item at the head of the bed is an example of the stuffed animal net.

I am not sure we should do shelving on every wall as it might make the space feel too closed in. 

Option 2


If Mom prefers to have Jackson's bed visible from doorway, we will keep bed in its place. Option included for swing with shelving and without. Still offers great functionality in the room, and option for stuffed animal net to hang above bed.  

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