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Healing Properties Design Services
 Providing Rest for the Sojourner


Katie Getman Design offers a specific service, tailored to those dealing with traumatic and emotional stresses. Usually done in accordance with a doctor or clinical supervisor, the designing of a space is needed with special efforts made to encourage healing and wholeness.

The Process


The first step would be a clinical referral for a focus and adjustment to the interior of a client’s space or home for the intentional use of the home environment as an extension of the ongoing healing work (i.e. use of calming, healing,  nurturing, and organizing principles for aid in mental health, traumatic healing, reflection, self awareness, etc.)



After clinical referral is given, a consultation will be set up with the client, designer, and health professional. This can also be a virtual tour of the home or space in question, or be done via photos. The consultation allows for the designer and health professional to understand current living space, schedule, and lifestyle of the client collectively and then collaborate regarding the needs of the client.


Concept Creation and Implementation

After the consultation, a concept board will be created, along with a floor plan, and elevations if required. The client's health professional and designer will create a plan to help the client move forward with interior changes as safely and purposefully as possible, and with the use of contractors as needed.

Katie's Story and "The Why"

Interior design should be done with extreme intention and purpose, to elevate the well being of all who live within the home, and help individuals experience a more full life. Katie, struggling with understanding her own trauma, was continually rearranging her spaces, searching for peace and understanding in her external world to help “level the playing field” of emotion on the inside. Passionate about the psychology of spaces, she knew environments could play a large part in providing space and sanctuary for bountiful living, and loved helping others create a beautiful story within their four walls, but something was missing. Designing and decorating interiors was not about “stuff” or material, but the purpose of the environment itself, and its affect on our state of being that gave real meaning to the job. 

This knowledge, and the need for spaces that help heal, was amplified for Katie and her own family as they went through the process of becoming licensed for foster care in Washington State. Katie learned the power of trauma that can live in the body, and the direct, and deep connection of environments on the internal self and mind. Using her understanding of environments and design to help children, families, and beings become healthy is her passion and a life goal.

Our environments are paramount in helping ourselves, and each other, find the internal peace, understanding, and strength we need to build healthy foundations for the future.


Katie completed her design education at the Interior Design Institute. She has been helping others create, design, and live since 2014.


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