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Dunn Family Design Presentation

Front Living Room
LVP Flooring.JPG
Carpet Selection.JPG
Second Living Room
LVP Flooring.JPG
Dunn LR2.JPG
Carpet Selection.JPG
Dining Room 
LVP Flooring.JPG
Dunn Dining Concept.JPG
Dunn Kitchen.JPG
Floor Plan for FR and Dining

I would recommend hard surfaces through out your home. The reason is not because of fashion or style- I make this recommendation purely in regard to the amount of time carpet wears out vs. the longer lasting benefits of a hard surface as your flooring, they are built to last. 

Nothing is wrong with carpet- but it does stain and wear out more easily than laminate of LVP.  If you'd still like to do carpet in the living room (s), I would recommend fluffy area rugs, r just doing carpet in those 2 rooms. 

Dunn Floor Plan Living Room.JPG

 Thank you so much for working with Katie Getman Design on this jouney of making your home YOURS! I am so excited to hear what you think! Please reach out via email with any thoughts or questions.

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