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Office Design Inspiration and Other Tips!

Late Spring can be a great time to update some of the places in our home or workplace where routine is feeling drab. If you're needing a jump start like me (because let's face it- the weather isn't providing one!) think through bold prints and bright colors to natural textures and minimalist designs; embrace the spirit of Spring and energize yourself, your family, and home by working on a fresh new look.

Let's talk about one of the places we have to be, but don't always love to be: The Office. Being intentional about office design can have a significant impact on morale, productivity, and creativity. While an uninspiring or cluttered workspace can create a sense of apathy, leading to decreased motivation and productivity levels, a well-designed and decorated office can foster a sense of pride and ownership in one's work and environment. By incorporating elements like natural light, comfortable furniture, and personalized decor, a person can feel more comfortable and engaged in their work- even more creative and innovative.

Here is a clean, warm, and updated office design that is sure to inspire ownership and productivity:

Feel free to look through the items we've pulled together for this look:

Quick Design Tips to Freshen Your Space this season: 1. Put A Rug On It

A not-so-secret design tip is to create designated "spaces" in the office or room, by adding an area rug. Adding a rug helps designate specific areas of the office for different types of activities, and is also a good way to add some of your personality or flair to the room. Area rugs are also considered "Grounding," providing texture, depth, and layer to the space.

2. Desk Positioning Placing your desk in different positions can also change up the "feel" of the space, quite a bit! For example, facing your desk towards the center of the room can make the room feel more open while you work and puts you in a commanding position to see everything around you. Alternatively, if your desk faces away from your office entry, with your back towards the door, it can make you feel unnerved while you work, and never quite at ease. You could also be setting yourself up for some major office pranks!

3. Touch of Decor If you have any in-person or virtual meetings taking place in your office space, you may want to set up the area to appear welcoming and organized. An easy way to do this is to place some plants and/or pictures around the office. You can also add a bookshelf with decor, or hang up a picture in the background of where your webcam is pointed so that even virtually, the office looks cohesive and inviting.

No matter your style, there are plenty of ways to update your home's interior decor this April. From incorporating natural elements to adding bold pops of color, these interior decor boards and shoppable links provide plenty of inspiration to get started.

Happy decorating!


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