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How to Decorate After the Holidays

Your house may feel chaotic after all the holiday craziness, but putting it back together may be more simple than you think! The key to decorating after the holidays isn't necessarily to add more, but to simplify what you have. It's about maintaining that cozy feeling, without making your surroundings too stark. Here are 5 simple tips to follow:

  1. First, I recommend putting away decoration that are red or very “Christmasy” and leaving only the things that are neutral or contain natural elements. This will give less of a Christmas feel and more of a cozy winter vibe!

  2. Reuse and repurpose décor! My favorite items I like to keep around are greenery, cozy throw blankets and pillows, twinkle lights etc.…

  3. Lots of whites and soft lights! White is a nice color to bring back into the space it can make everything feel more clean especially from all the holiday chaos! It’s often dark for more than half the day this time of year so having lots of candles and lights can provide a warm feel.

  4. Keep the fur and velvet out! There's no need to stop all the cozy atmosphere just because the holidays are over; winter is just getting started! Pillows, rugs and throws that are chunky wool, velvet, fur, etc. are all fine to stay until springtime (unless they are specifically "Christmasy".

  5. Pinecones, greenery, birch logs and other nature inspired pieces are great items to keep all winter long!


Above all, just remember to keep it simple, match your color schemes, and keep it from looking too cluttered. You will be all set through the snowy season! We'd love to hear from you have any questions or would like a design opinion!


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